20.01.20 - Ghost Cult Magazine - ‘WHELMED’ Split review

“If ever two bands were put together in order to aurally depict the turgid, depressing slog that is Life In Northern England Under An Elitist Bunch Of Fascists, it’s Liverpool’s Bodies on Everest and their Newcastle-based touring chums Lump Hammer.”

09.11.19 - Echoes & Dust - ‘WHELMED’ Split review

“Never faster, oh no, just harder, bigger and bigger until it’s simply huge, an enormous, rampaging construct of screeching, jagged noise and ear-shredding feedback.”

22.10.19 - Fuzzy Sun - ‘WHELMED’ Split review

“This split is something absolutely great, these two bands made a split of the most experimental noiserock, music at times aggressive and bleak and sometimes highly psychedelic and trance-like.”

18.10.19 - Aural Aggravation - ‘WHELMED’ Split review

“This is dingy, dirgy, heavy, and utterly punishing. As such it may be a perverse pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless.”

18.10.19 - Mosh Pit Nation - ‘WHELMED’ Split premiere

“Throughout my listens, I felt that the tension between the predictable rhythms and squalling noise, shrieked vocals, and heavy feedback is what makes the BOE side so compelling.”

14.10.19 - Narc Magazine - Gig preview

“But it’s Bodies On Everest who promise to blow the doors off both venues with their harrowing, godforsaken riffs, white hot bass shreds and demonic percussion.”

07.10.19 - Astral Noize - ‘WHELMED’ Split 2 track premiere

“With Whelmed, two of the UK’s best purveyors of bludgeoning intensity and challenging absurdity combine to throw the very notion of accessibility down the drain.”

08.05.19 - Nethergrounds - ‘Split 7" with Burning Axis Review

“the split takes a fascinating turn towards an apparently disjointed sequence of noise, bluegrass, lo-fi noise rock, and bluegrass again. That would be thanks to the highly addictive «Bar Window Theory» by Bodies on Everest, which apparently “is about killing people”, as strongly suggested by the spoken word samples spread throughout it.”

13.12.18 - The Quietus - 20 Hottest Hits of New Weird Britain 2018 (9!)

“The tempo of funeral doom, the itch-inside-ya-skull tones of power electronics and thuddingly Neolithic anti-chops noiserock.”

06.12.18 - God Is In The TV - Top 100 Albums of 2018 (65!)

06.12.18 - Riserva Indie - Top 10 Albums of 2018 (original in Italian)

25.10.18 - Sicmaggot - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review (original review in Czech)

“eighteen-minute “Gold Fangs in Enemy Territory” that has the atmosphere of a pig.“

06.08.18 - Aristocrazia - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“If what you are looking for is a record with which to dance in the shower, turn your attention elsewhere.”

22.07.18 - Lords of Metal - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“Let me put it this way… it is an extremely hard listening session”

18.07.18 - Merchants of Air - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“However, this is not sludge metal, this is repetitive noise rock that will slowly gnaw on your feeling of wellbeing. There is a tremendous lo-fi atmosphere, resulting in something very uneasy-listening.”

10.07.18 - Metallized - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review (original review in Italian)

“To triumph in this A National Day of Mourning , then, it is above all the drone component with a strong industrial / noisy aftertaste, enhanced by an authentic triumph of electronics and samples that leaves the debut doom on a more and more blurred background.”

10.06.18 - Ave Noctum - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“A National Day Of Mourning is a paradox, a musical Schrodinger’s cat of sorts – it is both music and not-music at the same time.”

31.05.18 - Wonderbox Metal - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“The tracks on this album may ultimately be minimalist examples of dark electronically-enhanced drone, but they still use their spaces well to create crushingly atmospheric and abrasive music. They spread into the spaces they make by sheer force of belligerent will.”

29.05.18 - The Quietus - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“Six songs in 66 minutes, it’s got the tempo of funeral doom, the itch-inside-ya-skull tones of power electronics and, with ‘Suspicious Canoe’, some of the most thuddingly Neolithic anti-chops noiserock I’ve heard in a minute.”

17.05.18 - Metal Italia - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review (original review in Italian)

“The music of the band does not differ greatly from the mix of tragedy and sublime evoked by their moniker, a closer look, and with this “A National Day Of Mourning” is further exacerbated the sense of abandonment and emptiness; the sludge that permeated the debut “The Burning” here become vague reminiscences absolutely overshadowed the tremendous dissonance fielded by this atypical trio of two basses and drums”

08.05.18 - The Wire Magazine Issue 412 - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“Their confidence is illustrated by the decision to open with an 11 minute noise collage, making the listener wait until second track “Tally Of Sevens” for the repetitive low end riffing that more accurately characterises their overall sound - but their use of filthy electronics is a major asset throughout”

04.05.18 - Dayz of Purple & Orange - ‘A National Day of Mourning’/Cruel Nature Appeciation

“It is brutal and punishing but also enthralling and exhilarating… It is fitting that this particular release marks a pivotal landmark in the label’s history as it is an metaphor for the label….individual, uncompromising, challenging but capable of providing that ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling. It is nihilistic and dystopian and pretty damned fucking good.”

04.05.18 - DeBaser.It - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review (original review in Italian)

“A National Day of Mourning” is a collection of snapshots taken in their detail. Its contents may appear indistinct and as traits marked by a whole series of interferences, but this applies to all our perceptions that as radio transmitters need to synchronize to catch every detail and sometimes - very often - this happens only if there are of strong demands in this sense.“

03.05.18 - Ghost Cult Magazine - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“The greatest achievements are often a challenge and the early experiences of this album are difficult and draining. When such an unflinching template is decorated with the effect of rusting blades slowly slicing the skin it is difficult to find the aesthetic. Repeated attempts, however, reveal a product that is organic, technically stunning and imaginative, with more facets opening up in each new listen. Dripping with depression and horror, paradoxically you’ll find yourself called back to the rocks again and again.”

25.04.18 - God Is In The TV Zine - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Review

“A band has never been so brilliantly and aptly named, the frozen monuments that act as morbid and bizarre measuring posts at the roof of the world, higher than the beasts lower than the angels, and go some way to summing up the often macabre and desolate, harrowing and godforsaken majesty of Bodies on Everest.”

23.04.18 - Astral Noize - ‘A National Day of Mourning’ Album Premiere and Interview

“Northern noisemongers Bodies On Everest employ all manner of noisy techniques to create a sweltering inferno of impenetrable mayhem, marring the sort of filth-ridden riffs you expect from sludge with ominous droning, curious electronic musings and infernal vocals that could be tortured cries emanating from hell itself.”

21.03.18 - No Clean Singing - ‘Tally Of Sevens’ Video Premiere

“Massive, grotesquely distorted bass guitar excretions and black noise join together with drum strikes to produce the sensations of a pneumatic demolition machine, one dedicated to devouring buildings and excreting mountainous piles of rubble in its wake.”

01.03.18 - The Obelisk - ‘Who Killed Yale Gracey?’ Video Premiere

“rest assured, it is thoroughly fucked. Through and through.”

20.04.17 - Midlands Metalheads - live review

“Then a bass line tentatively builds over a comparatively slow time period, feedback accumulates and things get very sludgy. Very bleak and very loud.”

22.10.16 - This Noise Is Ours - band profile

“They’re a trio that prefers low-end sludge/doom with two bass-players. Their music is heavy and raw, but filled with atmosphere.”

20.10.16 - Magivanga - album review/gig preview (Original preview in Polish)

“full of passion, ritual atmosphere and majestic, very catchy marches two bass guitars. The best example is groove, which caught on Descendant of Russian Witch , which for typical bong-bands is just a wet dream.”

24.07.15 - @TheTruthMetalReviews (instagram) - album review

“If you’re looking for some really experimental sludgey music, then look no further than ‘The Burning’.

11.06.15 - Gonzo Karaoke - album review

“Lumbering fuzz-tone Noise Rock/Doom, low-psychedelia from up North”

04.06.15 - Built On A Weak Spot - album review

“definitely something to throw on when you’re having a pretty bad day and you really want it to stay that way”

13.03.15 - Birthday Cake for Breakfast - album review

“the mammoth 16 minute closer ‘Drowning In Tar’ is a chaotic, screaching journey down the rabbit hole, with no escape.”

04.03.15 - Noisey - track review

“it sounds like slow-moving armageddon. Northern England is so good at evil sludgy noisey doom.”

02.03.15 - Ultramantis Black - on twitter

“will compare favorably with Torche/Floor, Harvey Milk, Shellac. Also thats not a pigeonholing comparison or anything. Stylistic similarities. I like it.”